The age-old vapor compressors in most refrigerators and water coolers use polluting refrigerants such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) that cause ozone depletion and have the highest global warming potential (GWP). As most countries phase out these potentially harmful chemicals, manufacturers of refrigeration and cooling products are desperately looking for eco-friendly technologies without compromising on the profit quotient. The current thermoelectric cooling (TEC) technology has shown poor efficiencies, low cooling capacity and high cost which have practically eluded the industry from manufacturing the cost-efficient, eco-friendly coolers sought by the market.
The Company’s proprietary cooling technology utilizes various novel system-level cooling technologies including thermal capacitors, non-moving fluidic mechanism and solid-state thermoelectric coolers that enable comprehensive eco-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-efficient cooling systems for various applications.
This technology solution embodied in the Sheetak Green Cooler™ units effectively serve as the cooling engine for various refrigeration and cooling products to help global manufacturers achieve the much sought after efficiencies in energy, cost and ecological implications.
• Eco-friendly, non-polluting
• Energy-efficient
• Silent, no compressors
• Reliable solid-state, no moving-parts
• Light, no heavy component
• Cost-efficient
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