Portable Temperature Assurance Solutions

Render Ice and Refrigerants Obsolete

No Cords, No Ice, No Problem

Sheetak’s patented technology for portable temperature assurance products is your solution for Last Mile Delivery and Cold Chain Transport.

On top of standard services like pharmaceutical, healthcare and food transport, there has been a recent explosion of ecommerce, mobile vending, in-vehicle vending for rideshares, and delivery apps.

This has led to a growing need for reliable, sustainable methods of temperature control for the duration of shipping time.

Sheetak’s ultra-lightweight, iceless, cordless portable coolers allow products to remain fresh and undamaged during transport.

How it Works

Our patented temperature assurance products use Sheetak’s Solid State Cooling Engines in combination with our Temperature Assurance Management System.

The Temperature Assurance Management System is used to monitor, datalog, record, and provide precise temperature control across environmental conditions, from extreme cold to extreme heat.

The core temperature assurance engine can be scaled to fit a wide variety of form factors and applications.


  • Battery Powered 
  • Solid State Temperature Control for Cooling and Heating 
  • Ice and Gel Pack Free for less waste and less cost  
  • Ice and Gel Pack Free for less waste and less cost 
  • Mobile 
  • Connected 


  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Food & Beverage  
  • Healthcare 
  • Electronics Materials 
  • Factory/Industrial 
  • Research/Laboratories 
  • Events 
  • Telecomm and Datacenters 

Potential Applications 

  • Vaccine for COVID 19, ultra-cold, -80° C
  • Precision temperature control of vaccines, medicines, and other high-value products
  • Online food order and delivery 
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile vending 
  • In vehicle vending/In vehicle refrigeration for rideshare or other delivery services
  • Cold chain transportation and temperature-sensitive shipping  
  • Outdoor events, sports and recreation 
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