VADE™ & Integrity™

Temperature Assurance Portable Coolers

The Future of Dependable, Portable On-Demand Cooling Solutions

The VADE™ and INTEGRITY™ product lines offer temperature controlled Portable Coolers. These ultra-lightweight, iceless, cordless insulated coolers and warmers allow products to remain fresh and undamaged during transport.

If your product must be kept at a specific temperature for any duration of its shipping time, Integrity has your solution.

Who Needs Ice Anyway?

VADE™ and INTEGRITY™ insulated coolers and warmers are patented, battery-powered portable temperature assurance products. The product line is fully portable, ice free, gel free, and reusable.

These ice-free portable coolers combine Sheetak’s advanced solid state cooling engines to enable temperature control, with our temperature assurance management system to monitor, record, and provide precise temperature control over a range of environmental conditions. The core temperature assurance engine can be scaled to fit a wide variety of form factors and applications.

Our coolers and heaters are rechargeable and mobile for easy transport of product. Designed for convenience, they are lightweight, easy-to-carry, and re-chargeable. Plus, reusable, ice- and gel-free coolers mean no waste and nothing to discard and recycle. That’s great news for the environment and great news for your expenses.


  • Battery Powered 
  • Solid State Temperature Control for Cooling and Heating
  • Ice and Gel Pack Free for less waste and less cost
  • Mobile 
  • Connected


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Electronics Materials
  • Factory/Industrial
  • Research/Laboratories
  • Events
  • Telecomm and Datacenters

Applications сиалис софт купить

  • Vaccine for COVID 19, ultra-cold, -80° C
  • Precision temperature control of vaccines, medicines, and other high-value products 
  • Online food order and delivery
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile vending 
  • In-vehicle vending/In vehicle refrigeration for rideshare or other delivery services
    Cold chain transportation and temperature-sensitive shipping 
  • Outdoor events, sports and recreation