Microcoolers, Macro Performance.


The µQOOL™ is your answer to the growing megatrends in telecom and datacom, cooling of 5G wireless amplifiers, IoT, and 3D sensing and LiDAR.

These advanced, hermetically sealed, solid-state microcoolers offer unrivaled, high-efficiency cooling performance with couple densities >1000 couples/cm2 and device as thin as 0.5mm.

These devices are designed for precision temperature control of optoelectronics components in Telecom, Datacom, and LiDAR applications.


  • Built on a unique hermetically sealed technology platform allowing for use in non hermetic packaging

  • Incorporates industry best highest efficiency materials to provide exceptional cooling capability on top of reliable mechanical integrity

  • Utilizes structures in tandem with robust fault tolerant topology for unparallel reliability


  • 5G Communications
  • Data Center
  • LIDAR/3D Sensing
  • CCD, IR, Sensors
  • Medical Diagnostics/PCR


  • Optoelectronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Data communications

  • LiDAR


CENTUM Advanced Solid-State Coolers

With growing markets like 5G Communications, IoT, and A/C for electric vehicles, comes increased demand for high-performance solid-state cooling solutions.

Sheetak's CENTUM™ Advanced Solid-State Coolers offer the industry best, highest efficiency, ultra-high reliability coolers in various sizes and power. 

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