CENTUM™ Advanced Solid-State Coolers

Unrivaled Cooling Performance, Robust Mechanical Integrity.


Our flagship CENTUM™ product line offers the industry best, highest efficiency, ultra-high reliability solid-state coolers.

CENTUM™ products come in various sizes and cooling power, and use industry-best materials to provide exceptional cooling capability. Designed-in fault tolerance allows CENTUM™ products to operate for extraordinarily long lifetimes even under the harshest of environments.

CENTUM™ chip products target high-growth segments of the thermoelectric industry that require high cooling power, deep cooling, high reliability, or scaled geometries.


  • Solid-state design
  • Ultrahigh temperature differentials ΔT >100°C
  • Industry-best COP metrics
  • High reliability and MTBF>100,000 cycles


  • Optoelectronics
  • Telecommunications
  • IoT
  • High Performance Computing
  • Thermo-cyclers for PCR
  • Refrigeration/Heat Pumps


  • 5G Communications
  • Data Center Cooling
  • LIDAR/3D Sensing
  • CCD/IR/Sensors
  • IoT
  • Battery Cooling
  • A/C for Electric Vehicles


CENTUM Advanced Solid-State Coolers

With growing markets like 5G Communications, IoT, and A/C for electric vehicles, comes increased demand for high-performance solid-state cooling solutions.

Sheetak's CENTUM™ Advanced Solid-State Coolers offer the industry best, highest efficiency, ultra-high reliability coolers in various sizes and power. 

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