Advanced Solid-State Coolers and
Energy Harvesters

Unrivaled Performance, Robust Mechanical Integrity, Patented Device Structures

Sheetak’s CENTUM® product line offers a patented multi-stage thermoelectric device architecture with industry best metrics in ΔT, Cooling Power (Qc) and COP in compact and low-profile chip packages)

CENTUM® C3 Coolers:

Best-in-Class Thermoelectric Coolers

CENTUM® C3 delivers industry-leading temperature difference and cooling density, leveraging patented multi-stage architecture and compact form factors.

CENTUM® C3 Coolers can be customized in a variety of ways:

  • Substrate: Ceramic (ALN), Ceramic (ALO), Metal
  • Finish: Sealing/Lapping, Substrate Metallization, Lead Attachment
  • Design: Form Factors, System Integration, System Optimization

CENTUM® C3 Sample Specifications Range:

  • 2-Stage design with 21 to 238 couples per stage
  • Geometry: 10x10x2.8 mm (21×21 couples) to 40x40x3.7 mm (238×238 couples);
  • ΔTmax : 97°C (at Th=27°C) to 110°C (at Th=50°C
  • Qmax: 3.0W (21×21 couples) to 42W (238×238 couples)
  • Customized designs include 4-Stage form factor and bespoke geometries

CENTUM® Energy Harvesters​:

CENTUM® Energy Harvesters generate power from waste heat recovery ranging from milliwatts to kilowatts of usable energy.These offer industry-leading performance and efficiency to power green solutions that can power smart, grid-independent autonomous systems.

CENTUM® Energy Harvesters can be customized for a broad variety of industrial applications:

  • Capturing excess energy from furnaces, chemical plants, refineries, and other industrial equipment
  • Battery-less IOT in Healthcare, Energy/Utilities, Transportation, Logistics, and Infrastructure.

Sheetak offers the same substrate, finish, and design options for CENTUM® Energy Harvesters  as are available for CENTUM® C3 Coolers.

 Custom TEC Solutions:

Sheetak has in-house systems expertise to provide design and development services  in thermoelectric-based thermal management solutions.

From development of a concept to prototyping to volume production, we offer turnkey solutions for a broad set of market needs.

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