Battery-Free Power for IoT – Harness Temperature for Power Everywhere

With millions of IoT sensors deployed and trillions of nodes projected to be installed, a battery-free autonomous solution is needed. The new, connected world of Smart Buildings and Cities, Industry 4.0, Autonomous Vehicles, AgTech, and 5G deployment is driving the need for power that is always available and does not need replacement. The use of batteries is costly, wasteful, and impractical for the scale of deployment and the future of IoE.

Thermal power is the most accessible energy available today to harness for IoT sensors and other devices. It is available 24 hours per day and is everywhere.


Sheetak’s EON Energy Harvesting products are the highest efficiency, most highly-integrated solid-state energy harvesting solutions available on the market. The EON has an unprecedented integration junctions which allows for output voltages 10x to 100x higher than traditional thermoelectric devices.

The market needs a solution that can harness energy from small temperature differences, deliver the right amount of voltage and power, and will not need frequent replacements in the field. EON is the answer.


CENTUM Advanced Solid-State Coolers

With growing markets like 5G Communications, IoT, and A/C for electric vehicles, comes increased demand for high-performance solid-state cooling solutions.

Sheetak's CENTUM™ Advanced Solid-State Coolers offer the industry best, highest efficiency, ultra-high reliability coolers in various sizes and power. 

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